About us


Quality of the components, customer service, time reliability. Our company was born more than twenty-five years ago in order to propose to the Italian and international markets  professional catering equipment which would distinguish itself for its features. A target on which we remained loyal till today and which allowed us to grow incessantly. Our company was born from fusion of two different marks, representing two specialized production lines: GAM for the design and the realization of cutters and vegetable preparation machines, GAM & COMPANY for the production of ovens and spiral dough mixers. Actually, we are sure that only in this way our equipment will always be able to keep quality standard high, which make them remarkable in many countries of the world.


Another important feature of the company surely is the long experience matured close to those who use, day after day, our machines. That’s why we know, for example, that it is very important to assure to the customers a fast and complete service during the years. But not only. Thanks to the valuable suggestions of those who use our mark, the design department is able to plan equipments not only more accurate for material and technical solutions, but also more careful to those details which in every condition improve their practicality and safety.


In this way, GAM International mark represents for our customers a guarantee of another advantage: the unique and unrepeatable value coming from the experience of Italian restaurateurs and pizza makers, known worldwide for the passion and the attention they use for their creations. An incomparable heritage of knowledge, that our company faces everyday, becoming the ideal partner for those who want to reach the excellence.
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