Bar equipment

Bar Equipment from Gam International. Buy real Made in Italy quality equipment for your commercial bar: blenders, ice breakers and fruit squeezers.


Bars are usually known as common meeting points where different kind of customers use to drop by any time of the day. It could be for breakfast just like the evening snack: leading this kind of professional activity requires to rely on the right equipment to afford the rapid preparation of each type of beverage. Gam International has created a special range of bar equipment to meet every need: professional mixers for the preparation of cocktails, sorbets and smoothies; blenders in stainless steel for chopping fruit, vegetable, ice and mix drinks; juicer and ice crusher for cold drinks and orange juice; icebreaker equipped with gear motor. Buying bar equipment from Gam International means  investing in proven quality product and take advantage of a 25 years experience group to gain professional advice on the products you're looking for.


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