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Induction hobs are excellent and innovative induction heaters for cooking vessels to work on safer cook tops with an accurate level of precision control.


Choosing an induction hob instead of a traditional heater system offers significant advantages on energy savings (a very important convenience to consider), especially when you are dealing with large locals or restaurants. Traditional gas hobs are known for their waste of power in the heating process, burning off about 60% of their energy. Induction cooking instead uses electromagnetism to create a magnetic field between the container, which must be  made of iron, and a coil below the surface. You don't need special equipment to make the best of this type of hobs: every pot, pan and accessory usually used for cooking on gas hobs is perfectly adequate for being prepared with induction cooking. Cooking technology for induction surfaces is also particularly advanced and safe. Induction hobs are able to reduce the risks of abrasion and burn due to the absence of flames and a very rapid cooling of the surface.


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