Manual hamburger press

Manual hamburger press have been designed and manufactured to save time and money making hamburger from minced meat obtaining a flat patty.


This type of food equipment is really easy to clean and maintain, thanks to its anodized aluminum removable parts, designed to facilitate the best hygiene possible when touching the food. The manual hamburger press is a perfect kitchen machine for food service and catering activities such as butcher shops, fast foods, delis, supermarkets and great restaurants. The hamburger machines can be fed with mixtures of red and white meat, even mixed with other ingredients such as vegetables, olive oil, cheese and bread crumbs. Our hamburger machines are not just simple beef presses marde for compacting Swiss minced meat. The most imaginative chef can take advantage of this tool to prepare perfect patties in crab meat, meatballs, veggie burgers and so much more. Using our manual hamburger press is really simple: just put the right amount of ingredients, pull the lever and get your new hamburger ready to cook.


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