Meat mincer machine and cheese grater

Meat mincer machine and the cheese grater are part of the essential classic kitchen equipment that any professional food service business should own.


Gam International meat mincer kitchen machines are part of a range of Made in Italy products, which allow perfect grinding and preparation of minced meat in a simple and rapid way. The meat grinder is made by top-notch components, such as a  standard thermal protection, a grinding part completely removable from the machine for easy cleaning, a practical collection of  plates, hoppers, dies, screws and pins set in stainless steel, an insulation tin base. Even the cheese grater is manufactured with high-tech materials, with models both classy and easy to use. Our professional cheese graters can be used for any type of hard cheese, bread, dried fruit, biscuits. The meat mincer machine and the cheese grater are indispensable professional kitchen equipment for any modern professional food service and catering equipment.


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