Professional ovens

Professional ovens by Gam International are Made in Italy and designed with advanced technology to roast, brew and poach meat even without oil.


Gam International ovens are the perfect choice for those catering activities that require more than quality from the kitchen products purchased. Ease of use and versatility of the ovens are the in fact the best "ingredients" to get the most for each recipe. From pizza to pastries production, a professional oven must be able to satisfy different kind of requirements, from the quality of its components to the possibility to program each option easily depending on the occasion. The professional ovens stand out not only for their power, but for the size of their capacity. Gam Internaional ovens allow professional chefs to take advantage of a load of space to prepare large portions dishes and numerous courses. There are also specific furnaces for the preparation of specific dishes, designed and tailored to meet these kind of requirement. Our professional ovens for pizzerias employ such special materials with high insulation capacity, optimizing the device for maximum thermal efficiency and, last but not least, reduce consumption.


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