Pasta machines

Pasta machines from Gam International are Italian stainless steel devices to make fettuccine, tagliatelle, ravoioli and lasagne sheets quick and easy.


Fresh pasta maker machines are one of the leading products of our company. With the experience gained over time in twenty-five years, Gam International is able to update, enhance, produce and sell high quality products to a wide international cookery market newtwork. Structures coated with scratch resistant paint, tanks and hooks made ​​of stainless steel, brass or bronze propellers: the components of our fresh pasta machines are a perfect compendium for Made in Italy equipment able to mix and extrude all kinds of dough (even with eggs) in the best suited format required by the most demanding chefs. Gam International machines are able to provide fresh pasta quickly and without any effort. Investing on the purchase of one of these products it's a lot of precious time saved and the achievement of satisfied recurring customers delighted for the freshness and goodness of the dishes prepared and served.


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