Planetary mixers

Planetary mixers from Gam International are reliable and really easy to use. They are provided with bowl, paddle, whisk, spiral and many other accessories.


Thanks to high power motors and large capacity tanks, Gam International planetary mixers are the perfect investment for any kind of professional catering business. Our mixers are a quality product capable of completing any task quickly: the staff of your kitchen will be able to benefit from their performance and gain precious time for the preparation of other dishes that require more care. The reliability of this type of planetary mixer is due to high precision components and a programmable timer to automate the period of each action to the desired speed. Gam International planetary mixers are very versatile, able to bring out the true wherewithal of the kitchen with the help of different accessories such as whisks, spiral hooks, the flexible spatula and - last but not least - a blender with glass bell.


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