Electric slicers

Electric slicers are manufactured in Italy for professional use ad provided with die-cast aluminium body, adjustable thickness and stainless steel blades.


Slicers are entirely made in anodic oxidation aluminum for perfect hygiene and not to decrease the quality of the meats. Gam International professional electric slicers are an easy to handle, easy to use, easy to clean and maintain catering tool, which is a considerable advantage over other products of this type. Buying a professional slicer for your kitchen allows staff to be able to slice portions of meat and sausages with greater accuracy and cut uniformity, obtaining not only a better presentation, but a better quality for the dishes served. Gam Internaional professional electric slicers will eventually become an everyday tool in the hands of the staff of  your restaurant business. Its purchase is therefore important and deserves a careful evaluation of the model: a small extra in this investment is good in the perspective of owning a precise and reliable tool able to maintain an excellent performance in years.


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