Vacuum packing machine

Vacuum packing machines for the catering trade: find the right food vacuum sealer for your restaurant or business. Use vacuum packing to extend food's life.


This type of kitchen equipment allows you to extend the maintenance of food beyond its natural decay, preserving the food in special vacuum bags sealed automatically. The absence of air slows the process of oxidation of the content slowing the decay. This method, alternative to freezing, is a perfect conservation system to preserve food to be consumed in a short time. Buying a vacuum machine is a clever solution that allows restaurant owners to preserve food in a natural way without interfering with the cycle of freezing of their dishes, which can alter the organoleptic properties of the food. Gam International has a great experience in the design, assembly and sale of professional vacuum packing machines, being appreciated for know-how and quality of the material employed just like the best Made in Italy productions. The attention given to this range of products allows Gam International not only supply quality machines to preserve food, but to provide adequate care for all clients needs related to the maintenance and operation of the packing equipment.


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