Made in Italy industrial dishwashers to wash dish racks and glasses. Technologically advanced catering trade product that will let you save time and money.

Gam International has traded great quality catering equipment and kitchen accessories with the Italian and international market of great quality for more than 25 years. Industrial dishwashers were treated with the same care. The components of Gam International dishwashers are entirely made of stainless steel starting from their inner components to ensure maximum strength and durability of each product. Electrical components are installed in the front part of the dishwashers for a better and easier maintenance. The rinsing pipes position may be adjusted according to your needs in order to improve the cleaning of different types of dishes and crockery, from the flat to the deep ones. Dripping tops and insulated double wall panels are parts of a range of products designed to provide professionals with safe and efficient industrial dishwashers.


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