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The industrial lava-rock grill is suitable for any kind of cooking (meat, fish, vegetables, etc.). Its use in restaurants, in canteens and pubs has demonstrated many advantages such as extreme ease of cleaning, high cooking speed, practical use and saving of energy costs. It works with gas-fired heating of the lava-stone located on a supporting grill in high-quality steel. Above the hot lava-stone there is a patented double side cooking grill in cast iron, which can be used for the position for the meat cooking on one side and for fish cooking on the other side. The grill has the possibility to be fit in two different positions to simplify the produced fat running off into a container at the base unit; the double housing prevents overheating of the outside of the grill; the switch on is made with a electronic
device and it can work with bottled gas or methane by means of an approved-type regulation valve; the container at the base collects the excess fat and the cooking waste; the fully independent burners are made of aluminium steel with a stainless steel protection that prevents the blocking of the jets.

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