It is specially studied for professional kitchens, confectioneries, ice-cream shops, foodworkshops and wherever it is necessary a working of big quantities of product with the utmost care and precision. Extremely practical and easy to use.
A sophisticated control system with micro-processor allows the execution of the most complicated workings, checking at the same time, on the special display, the temperature of food, eventually also stopping the workings at the programmed temperature. The reduced dimensions allow to place the machine on a normal working-table of the kitchen, the system of overturn facilitates the clearing out of the bowl and a better cleaning. The bowl is placed separately from motor to avoid transmissions of heat to the product.
Digital timer to set out working-time. Entirely realized in stainless steel Aisi 304. Second speed: automatic start always from first speed. Electronic control system with micro-processor. Thermal protection and temperature control devices of worked product. Two working speeds 1400/2800 rpm. Thermal protection devices separated on the two motor speeds. Manual pushbutton for little finishing retouching. Particular cycling function of few seconds which can be programmed to work heatsensitive products.

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