Our dishwashers obey the HACCP rules.
Completely in stainless-steel aisi 304 18-10 scotch-brite construction. Thickness 10/10. Stainless steel wash and rinse rotor. Adjustable washing and rinsing pipes for a better washing with every type of crockery. Single walled construction. Electric components are installed on the front of the machines to speed up and facilitate the assistance. Electromechanical components IP55. No-dripping ceiling. Possibility to insert round baskets. Double walled door. Magnet- lock and magnet-safety micro-swich.
Equipment GAM350 – GAM 400: detergent dispenser, rinse-aid dispenser, 2 baskets glasses, 1 teaspoon insert, 1 saucer insert, sample of 1 lt of detergent and sample of 1 lt. of rinse-aid. Equipment GAM540 – GAM 560: detergent dispenser, rinse-aid dispenser, 1 basket glasses, 1 basket dishes, 2 cutlery inserts, sample of 1 lt of detergent and sample of 1 lt. of rinse-aid.

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