Spiral dough mixers


Our spiral dough mixers especially for pizzerias, are the result of many years of studies and specialization in the professional catering equipment. These models are entirely composed of a white painted steel structure. The personalised and modern lines get them unique in their kind. Available also in digital version. The lifting head (standard for these models) is simplified and served by one or more lifting plunger with a especially realized calibration. The spiral, the bowl and the dough breaker are in stainless steel (AISI 304). The spiral shape and the width of the curls allow the realization of well mixed and high quality dough. It is equipped with all the active and passive securities which apply to the laws in force. The bowl lid is realized in stainless steel AISI 304 wires so that the dough can be controlled during mixing and it is possible to add ingredients without taking it off. The power supply may be three-phase 230/400 Volt or three-phase 230/400 Volt with 2 speeds (special voltages anyways are available on demand). 24 Volt low-tension controls.

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