Thanks to the technology of the used static relays, together with an explicitly studied software installed on a microchip of the electronic board, it is possible to customize the baking with most versatility and easiness in use, distributing proportionally the energy absorptions for the expected workload. The power regulation top/bottom by the electronic control allows a gradual attainment of the requested temperature and most of all a distribution in percentage terms between area and area of the heat power used and/or necessary. This means a double advantage of a perfectly distributed heat and a big energy saving. This oven line is made of single modules for 4, 6, 9 pizzas. The use of special materials with high insulation capacity, the result of the experience of many years in the field of professional pizzerias, together with a gasket against high temperatures on the front of the door, determine an optimal thermal efficiency and therefore low current consumptions. The oven is equipped with electro-mechanic security thermostat placed on the back. This equipment operates if the inner temperature of the chamber should get over 470°C because of a possible anomaly of the electronics. The oven has a valve for the total or partial fastening of the smoke discharge. The external panel is made of stainless steel. The ovens are equipped with internal lighting operated by a push button on the control panel. One of the most sophisticated electronic control system with a control panel, which is divided in quadrants, easily identifying the function to be used.

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