RMS 510D – RMS 510T The new microwave oven line accords to the necessities of the professional client, it grants therefore a long lasting reliability. The RMS series has been designed for medium-low performances and it is available with manual switches, a timer and an always high powerful functioning (RMS 510D) or with electronic switches, a temporizer of 6 minutes with an automatic zero setting, 20 memories for cooking programmes with 3 different phases, 5 power levels, X2 function and switches with Braille alphabet (RMS
510T); it has a chamber with an internal volume of 25,5 litres and it has a power of 1000 W, an external structure in stainless steel, a varnished chamber, a fix plate with a microwave distribution with a turning antenna, control board with adjustable volume. They accord to the normative for professional products.

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