Meat and sausages processing


The machines are protected by two international patents and produced according to the current directive standards. The Top slicing machine has been designed with a very large resting surface and a blade holder head with hollow shape. The product falls directly onto the tray or onto the serving plate without breaking and the dish preparation becomes easier and quicker. The Top slicer machines have been designed and built with a fixed ring around the blade and a carriage release device that locks the slice thickness adjustment surface in the “0” position, which is the only position in which the trolley can be removed. A special brush that enables the perfect safe cleaning of even the most difficult parts is supplied.
The patented trolley slides on stainless steel bearings and is completely removable. This sliding system has enabled us to eliminate the lubrication of the sliding parts; the motor features a geared drive so tightening of the belt is no longer necessary

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